Thursday, October 29, 2009

How the snow flies......

Bet you thought you were going to see photos of the almost 2 feet of snow that's lying around our yard and drive right now (and yes, it's still coming down, but not as much!). This is how Amanda looks when she comes back inside. She plows thru the snow with her nose to the ground.

I've been painting today, it was a work day, but the clinic is closed because of the snow. I couldn't get there anyway. We haven't seen a snowplow yet. So we've sort of hunkered down and stayed inside where it's warm.

I know, I've got to get pictures taken of my paintings and post them here. I do have a couple of cool ones, if I do say so myself, that I think you'll all like.

Grandpa posted something over on his post. I think he's taking a poll. And yes, we do have goose and gander rules. But we also have gander and goose rules, so my vote is that it all evens out in the end. What about you? Do you have goose and gander rules at your house?

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Solitare said...

Amanda looks like she's enjoying the snow, I know our dogs are; they also enjoy coming in from the cold and shoving their cold noses on our warm skin. I would love to see some of your pictures!