Friday, October 23, 2009

Back to the park last weekend

So, last weekend, it was back to the park. After feeding the ducks. I did take more pictures than just the feet!

Started out playing by the water....What is it about water that fascinates kids? Unless it's bath water of course!

After digging, and throwing rocks into the lake, they found a tree to climb on. A good tree, it was close to the ground!

The littlest one thought this was lots of fun!

But you can see that Miss M wasn't all that interested in the climbing! But she did sit on the tree with CJ for a picture.

I did get a good picture of her, though.

Got pictures of G sitting on the tree.....

and making like a leopard in the tree.

And, of course, I got one of Granpa laying in the grass. He does that well, sometimes.

I would put up the photos I took after Grandpa got my truck stuck in the snow on Wednesday, but he already posted about that here.

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