Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More from February 20,2013

The word for February 20th was MORE

 We had snow the previous weekend. Then on the night of the 20th, we had MORE. These pictures were taken on the morning of the 21st after the sun came up.  First is our doorbell.


Kory, enjoying the sun after the snow.

Then, on the weekend, while I was home and Clyde was in San Diego, we had a blizzard. With all the blowing snow on Sunday, I never left the drive. I stayed home the entire Sunday, and missed my weekly hot chocolate and newspaper. These were taken on the 26th.

Gnarly on the back deck.  You can see the snowflakes against his black fur.

The snowflakes didn't show up so well in this picture:

I took this one on the 27th.

And yesterday, I posted the pictures of the storm on March 4. We still haven't melted, and we have MORE snow forecast for Saturday.

This is typical "Springtime in the Rockies"!

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