Monday, March 4, 2013

March 4, 2013 Big Personality

Today's word: Big Personality

If nothing else, Colorado's weather, vistas, sky all have big personalities.  Today was no different.

At 11am, leaving the house.  You can barely see Pike's Peak in the distance.  The clouds were huge, and spread out.  They were also pretty low...just above 14,000 feet.  You can see the vastness of the landscape, and of the mountain.  It is a long ways off.  You could also say, just another crispy cold day in Colorado.

Four hours later, coming home:  visibility was pretty much gone.  In fact, you could barely tell the pavement from the road edges.  If not for fences on the way home, I could easily have run off the road.  In some places there were complete whiteouts.

This was a big personality day weather wise on Colorado today.  At least where I live.

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