Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In my bag topic for Feb. 20, 2013

Today's another make up day. This for Feb 20, 2013, In my bag.

I have a nice sized bag.  And for winter, it's packed full.  There are the usual:  wallet, sunglasses, keys (3 different sets), a comb, pens, a pocket knife, a glass cleaner cloth, a tape measure, 3 different thumb drives, and an envelope full of coupons for shopping.  In addition there is a point and shoot camera, and gloves, hat and scarf. 

The reason I got this bag, it's the red in the background with horses on it, is because, when I dump a lot of this stuff, I can fit my wallet and sunglasses, and my good camera in it.  Also because I love the red horses on it.  And because the one Bekka got me for Christmas one year was wearing out and I didn't want to embarass her by going back to my walmart denim totebag.  She thought that made me look old (?) and like a bag lady!

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