Saturday, May 30, 2009

Riding the Range

Today, we picked up M and CJ early. Then we went over to ride horses. It was starting to get ugly out, but we got Ponette saddled for the kids. Then, because Grandpa was being smart, he motioned to CJ to come get on the horse. Boy, you should of seen M jump out to get on the horse. CJ wasn't going to be first in her book!

Ponette is an old pony and she is very well trained. Ponette heels off leash better than most dogs that I have seen. She is just a sweet old pony, and easy to ride. M rode without Grandpa having to hold on to Ponette.

You can see that M is really enjoying herself! Who thought a horse could be so much fun!

Here she is looking like a real cowgirl, intently watching the cows and waiting for her next move! Not really, the cows weren't out, but it sounded good!

Here is CJ on the horse. It is so funny the things that this kid will do! And he is afraid of the dogs. This kid is going to go great guns when he gets over the dogs!

See CJ go!

When the kids got done, the weather had moved in, so the horses got quickly moved into their stalls, with saddles on, and everyone ducked for cover in the trailer.

And there we sat thru the thunderstorm. When it was over, actually a lull in the storm, Grandpa and Rob quickly unsaddled the horses and turned them loose. Then we all left quickly to get down the hill before it became inpassible.


Shamrockgirl said...

Glad to see they had fun on the pony!

Cindy and Mike said...

I want to ride the pony!!