Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 17, 2013 Symmetry

Today's word is: symmetry

 The quilt I started last summer hasn't gotten very far towards being done until recently. Since I am 'stuck' not being able to wander very far, I went back to work on it. These are what the blocks look like:

The blocks are all symmetrical like these, and they will be attached so that the points of the petals meet.

There were approximately 24 different fat quarters in the bundle of batik fabric that I bought, and I took the 4 yellow/ light orange ones to make the middles. So the finished quilt will have about twenty different colored flower blocks in it. I haven't figured out if the colors will be just random, or if I will try to put them together in a pattern.

 But I have added to the pile of finished blocks, and am now into the thirties. Only maybe less than 40 to go.

On another note, it has snowed almost all day here, and now the wind is howling outside.  We are having a wonderful spring, what with all the cold temps and snow.  The few warm and sunny days have been great!

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