Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013 Skyline

Today's word: skyline.

At my house, the skyline is very close and very high.  Something like being in the center of a city and having to look up at all the buildings.  In my case, you have to look up over the trees.

These were taken from my back deck today.

I did try to get another skyline for you.  The mountains to the west make a magnificent skyline.  I took this one on the way to Monument this afternoon, and got all the afternoon haze that we get on warm sunny days.
Doesn't matter, I'll take the warm temps, I can take a picture anytime.

On another note, I spent the morning scrubbing the stove and the microwave.  My husband is a really good cook, and he cooks all the time.  I have been very well fed throughout this whole episode.  And he has worked very hard to pick up all the slack from me not being able to do anything.  And unfortunately his kitchen cleaning fairy had to go back to Grand Junction.

So, it's time for me to start doing more.  And yesterday I accomplished 6697 steps (twice on the treadmill).
Today, the total was 8078 steps.  Not too shabby.  Just have to keep up the treadmill, and keep moving.

Tomorrow, we go visit the hematologist (blood doctor), and maybe we can figure out what caused the clots.

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