Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013 Welcome home

Welcome home.

The sherrifs, as they checked, and double checked, and triple checked, left yellow crime scene tape on the mailboxes, or fence posts, or whatever was available to designate the homes that were safe to return to.  They didn't release an area to pre-evacuation status until every house in that area was accounted for.

We are still on pre-evacuation status, we went from no status to mandatory evacuation in one day.  Now we're on pre-evac, which just means that you can be at your house, but be ready to leave on a moment's notice if need be.  That's scary.

What was really scary was how fast the mandatory evacuation went from Hodgen to County Line Road.  It's a good thing that I went thru this with the Hayman fire.  (We never even got to pre-evac in that one, but since I was here alone, I started removing stuff early, just in case).

It makes you think of how insignificant you are.  How easily Mother Nature can totally disrupt your life.  How fast things can change.

It makes you think about what is really important, what can be replaced.  I am so thankful that I don't have to start over, that my stuff is still here.  My animals are all safe.  My pictures (and I have a LOT of them that aren't digital) are all in Bekka's garage, along with my important papers.  So are a couple of quilts and an afghan that my mother made-things I can't replace.

Today it rained again, that's good news.  But last night there were three lightning started fires in the burn area.  By early next week we'll be back to HIGH fire danger as the weather dries out and heats up.  I just pray that we don't see another one like this in a long time.

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