Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June 25, 2013 Turquoise

Today's word: Turquoise

 The prettiest turquoise color I have ever seen was the Havasu Canyon creek below the falls.

This is a colored pencil drawing that I did of Havasu Falls, the middle of the three falls that are the typical destination for tourists.

Havasu Canyon is reachable from Hualapai Hilltop (parking) that is about 63 miles from Peach Springs, AZ.
When I hiked this canyon about 30 years (yes, that long ago, when I lived in Arizona!), there were only two ways in:  Hike the approximately 11 miles down into the canyon, or rent mules to go down.  I walked.  At that time there was no lodge, and no helicopter rides in (you could get a helicopter ride out if you needed to be med evaced, but that wasn't something you wanted to do) or out.  Supai village was there, and you could buy a soda.  What I got was postcards that I then sent to everyone, from down there, so that they could be stamped "Mule train mail" because the mail was hauled out by mule train.

The campground was usually not packed (it got worse after my first two trips as people found out about it), there was a spring coming right out of the side of the cliff wall for drinking water.  And the creek was cold for relaxing in..  No showers, though, and only tents and sleeping bags to sleep in that you had to haul in on your back.

The hike out, with all your equipment was a tough one, hot in the summer as only the desert can be, and long.  No place to replenish your water, so you had to haul enough to get you out, and water is heavy at eight pounds a gallon.  The hike from the canyon floor up the face of the wall was a real killer--approximately a 1000 foot elevation gain in about a mile.  It sure felt like I was going straight up the side of the wall!

Now, you still have to walk in, but there is the option of the helilcopter ride.  And there is a lodge there that you can reserve rooms and have a place to sleep comfortably, and indoor plumbing.  Much easier to hike since you don't have to take food, stove, tent, or sleeping bag.  Just water and clothes.  Must be soooo much easier.

I wouldn't trade the hike in and out, because it was definitely worth the trip.

You can see more information about this place here.

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