Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013 Cold (not the project365 word, but it fits the day)

Today, I'm choosing my own word: cold

As in, it was in the 30's when we went over for the riding and to give the horses their spring shots.  It was also foggy, overcast and humid.  Not a really great day for anything.

But, Gabe rode the horse for almost an hour in the cold.  He wondered what we would do if it started raining really hard.  I told him that the rain comes from the bottom of the clouds, and since the bottom was on the ground it wouldn't rain.  I think he believed me!

This is how he spent the rest of the day! 

The house was cold all day, and Clyde finally turned the heat on.  Imagine that, June 5th and we had to turn the heat on to stay warm.

Which is why the rootbeer slushies were so good!

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