Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June 18, 2013 Sweet

Today's word: sweet

As in, this is a very sweet face.

Gnarly hardly ever shows any other side but sweet.  He sticks his sweet face in yours and drools.  He shakes his head and the drool flies all over.  But he never digs in the rocks, he doesn't sneak dirty socks outside, he doesn't raid the dirty clothes and take them outside.  He doesn't chew up toilet paper, he doesn't empty the trash and shred it  And most of all, when he wants out in the morning, he just paws the bed to let you know it's time to get up.

This face, no matter how sweet you think it is, hides a lot of mischief.

Missing something, look in the yard.  It might not be chewed to bits yet.  Want to sleep in in the morning, forget about it.  The nose is cold, and she thinks the way to wake you up is to poke it right into your face, preferably after pouncing on you in her exuberance.   She tears through the house playing with her toys, or with Gnarly if she can get him to play.  She torments the cats, she demands attention.  She digs holes, she rips up landscaping, she chops plants off at ground level.  She chews everything.  She catches and eats moths.  She keeps the place hopping!

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