Monday, May 25, 2009

A birthday party and memorial weekend

Since Grandpa's birthday was on Wednesday this past week, we had a party on Saturday.
It was the Second Annual Give Myself a Surprise Party (Grandpa has a sense of humor!). We invited lots of people, but since it was a graduation weekend, everyone didn't come. But we had fun anyway. And we had lots of food!

Bill and Diane, Solitare's parents came, as did Cindy and Mike, Bekka, Brent, and the kids, and James and Solitare.

Susie and Linda enjoyed talking at the bar. Rob and Kristie were elsewhere.

Grandpa had candles to blow out.

James and Solitare stuck around the next day. We didn't accomplish a darn thing all day. CJ and M spent the night, and Bekka called about 5 p.m. to see if we were taking them home or keeping them.

CJ has a way of putting himself down for a nap. He just lies down where ever he is and falls asleep!

Molly wasn't up for a nap, she stayed awake. Of course, she didn't wake up until 10a.m. that morning, so she was plenty rested!

Grandpa and CJ continued their nap, until it was time for James and Solitare to leave.

On another note, on Monday morning, when I wanted to mow the yards, it was cold, and wet from the day before. (We've had snow or rain every weekend since Easter, so it's hard to get any yard work done.) So I had to bring in the big guns to mow down the back yard. Yeah, right, Harley ate for an hour, then we put Squirt out there and he ate, until he ran thru my newly planted patch of grass. Redman and Nick both got to go out and eat some too, but they were anxious and someone had to stay out with them! Guess we'll keep trying, or I'll have to go out and mow at some point, before it's 5 feet tall!


Gina said...

It looks like you had fun! Sorry we missed it. I would have much rather been with you then home with sick girls!! Give Clyde a birthday hug from us. :)

Shamrockgirl said...

somewhere i have a picture of CJ asleep under a couch cushion... he's a funny one like that. i know you want to take them again this weekend... ^_^

exurbanpedestrian said...

“We didn't accomplish a darn thing all day” – that’s so absolutely not true! Your day was spent in the best possible way.