Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pictures and an update

Well, it seems I'm as bad as the rest of my family for updating my blog. I have been busy. We left on Sunday, April 26th for Grand Junction so Rachel could have the baby on the 27th. And so Cordelia could have someone watch her while all this was going on. Let me tell you, she had Grandpa and Grandma napping every afternoon while she was in school! She is so energetic! But here's a picture of her and Wyatt the night he came home (Wednesday). I didn't really get a lot of pictures because I was trying vainly to keep up with a 5 year old.

When we got home, on Friday, the other female cat was noticeably thinner. But we didn't see any kittens. Then one night she stayed in the garage eating, so we thought that they had died. They didn't. I was outside on Sunday, and I heard noise coming from the semi that sounded like kittens. I looked all over that truck for them and couldn't find them. Told Clyde, and he went out to look. He found them quite by chance. He happened to see a cat's paw in one of the storage compartments that he had open to clean out the truck. She had to have moved them there that day. Now she's in the garage with the kittens. She had one little light orange one, and two pure white ones!

Now I have eight kittens, but the first five are almost ready to find new homes.

Today I worked really hard, since I have no more homework for class. Class is over for the summer! Yay!

First I cleaned six cat boxes. Yes, six, three in the house for the five cats inside and three in the garage. Then I cleaned the dog yard. Then I repaved part of my "deck" that was sinking (picture follows), and then I cleaned and watered the horses. I'm tired now.

Got to go watch NCIS now.

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