Sunday, May 17, 2009

What Grandpa did to make Grandma happy.

I started with mowing the lawn (what there is of it), and Grandpa got some manure from the pile for me. I started spreading it around, and he said, "You need to do this with a rototiller to dig up the dirt".

To which I replied "I don't have a rototiller, and I don't know if I can run one."

He said "No one said you had to run it."

So we ran to Home Depot and rented one! And he dug up the yard, and then the flower garden with it!

Meanwhile, I had to keep M and CJ busy. What better than buckets, trowels, and lots of sand! After coating each of them with sunblock, we went out the the not so round pen (a whole other story) and they proceeded to play! Moving my big pile of sand one bucket at a time.

This is M moving sand.

And this is CJ. The funniest part was watching CJ crush the lumps of sand. Some of them actually exploded when he squeezed them. I really tried to catch one of them breaking up in his hands, but wasn't fast enough.

Then we found something else to do. M rode with Grandpa on the tractor and steered it, but CJ wasn't having anything to do with it. What a wuss! Then M decided she wanted to climb. All the way to the top of the five foot panel.

And CJ wasn't far behind. For an almost two year old, this is a tall climb!

Of course, I had to stop this fun because I didn't want anyone to fall and get hurt.

Who says you need expensive toys to entertain kids. These two are getting the same things that their mother got to play with.


Shamrockgirl said...

CJ is not a wuss!!! LOL Glad they had fun out there with you.

Solitare said...

Looks like a good time for all!