Friday, May 29, 2009


Yes, I am a softy. I can't resist. I tried really hard to give all five of the kittens away last weekend as birthday gifts from Clyde. There were no takers.
So this morning, I called the feed store, they had room for kittens, and I quickly put four of them in the carrier to leave. But I just couldn't put this one in too.

The good thing is, while I was getting them settled at the feed store, a call came in looking for kittens, so I know that at least one of them has found a home by now, probably more since they usually go in twos.

But isn't she just the cutest thing? Of the other cats, Peaches runs from her, Cream tries to get close, but just isn't sure of this, and Garfy comes right up and sniffs her. He will probably be the one she plays with the most. Amanda is another story. Amanda is the last newfoundland that we have, and at 105 pounds is probably 25 times the size of the kitten. And Amanda loves kittens! She tries to get close to sniff her, and Callie arches her back and hisses and spits like a little spitfire!
It's so cute to see this little cat try to scare off the dog!

Now all I gotta do is find her a place to sleep and teach her where the litter boxes are. And make sure she gets water and food, since that is all up out of Amanda's reach. Right now she's sleeping.

Now there's just two kittens left, and they are too little (only a month old) to go yet. BUT I AM NOT KEEPING ONE OF THEM!!


Rachel said...

What a cutie!!

Sure, sure you aren't keeping any. We have all heard that before. ;)

I am so glad Clyde had a good Birthday Day party. Looks like we missed out on a lot of fun!

Hugs and Love to both of you!

Cindy and Mike said...

I agree with Rachel..."sure you aren't keeping another one :)