Friday, May 15, 2009

If it feels like a truck stop.....

Remember this photo of my little patio spot out by the driveway of the house?

Well, it's been invaded. Now it feels like a truck stop! Just look at my view!

Luckily, we now have two new batteries for the truck, so maybe I can get my view back soon. Clyde got the truck started, drove it over onto the drive in front of the garage, and then couldn't get it started again to move it. Sure did ruin the view.

Today, we went to the early show to see Star Trek. I must say, after seeing all of the TV shows, and then all of the movies, I think this movie stays with the characters the best. The story is a good one, and all of the young actors that played the main parts must have spent months watching the TV shows, they reenacted the characters so well. Scotty and Spock were the best, Ohuru was good, Kirk was good, Bones was still funny, and the other two (the russian and the oriental) were really good too. Oh, yeah, one was Checkov. Great story line, lots of action like you would expect, and it tells how they all came to be on the Enterprise.

If you get a chance go see it. I'm definitely getting the dvd when it comes out.

Now off to find the dvds of the TV show.

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Solitare said...

did you get the truck moved? I love the patio, can't wait to see it in a week! We haven't seen the Star Trek movie yet, but everyone we've talked to thought it was great. See you soon!