Monday, August 31, 2009

How to paint with cats

Painting at our house entails a few challenges. First there is the large amount of animal hair that floats around. (After all, we have 4 cats and a Newfie, all of which have decided that it's time to shed.) So to paint, in our house, you have to become very adept at removing hair from the wet paint. And this includes watercolor, or painting the walls for that matter. So Clyde is now getting very adept at removing the hair. But there are other problems to consider also.

For instance, paw prints do add texture to the wet paint, whether you want it or not.
See the above picture of the paw prints in the wet paint. In addition, if the paint is wet enough, the cats can paint pawprints all over your paper. Luckily that didn't happen here.

Of course, leaving the painting to dry in the sunshine on the table offers it's own challenges. The cats take up residence on the paper in order to nap in the sunshine. Don't they look comfortable?

Then there is always the choice of seating. Middle of the painting is the place of choice for Calico.

So this is the painting of a sunflower that Clyde is working on, with the help of the cats!

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XUP said...

Bwah - ha ha ..this is hilarious. I can't even imagine trying to paint with the cat around.