Monday, August 17, 2009

A Very Miss M Birthday

On Saturday, after going to Wally's World to get the ingredients, we went to pick up the grandkids. We were going to have a little celebration because Miss M just turned four on the 13th.

Grandpa and Miss M made cupcakes, the white kind with lots of color dots. Very colorful. Then they frosted the cupcakes with pink frosting. Because we all know that Miss M's favorite color is pink. (Or is that her mother's favorite color?)

And of course, we had to sample the frosting.

Then we had to write on the cupcakes with glitter gel, in red, blue and green. What fun!

And sample the gel after each letter!

Then we were ready for the party to start! See, there is a letter on each cupcake, along with sprinkles (we didn't leave anything out!). And the letters spell Happy Birthday MissM.

We lit the candles, which were white with colored dots on them, so that MissM could blow them out. See, there are four candles. MissM decided where to put them all by herself. She huffed and puffed and blew them all out!

Then everyone had to have a cupcake. G starts by licking off the frosting, but then he eats the cupcake too.

You can see that they were REALLY good!

Everyone ate the cupcakes (except for MissM who thinks eating cupcakes means licking off the frosting!).

Mr. CJ really liked the cupcakes. He just smashed the cupcake paper against his face and proceeded to eat.

You can see that MissM like hers!

Then Grandpa picked up the leftover cupcakes to put them away. The look on CJ's face was priceless. I have never seen such a mad face, and especially on him. He's normally very easygoing and cheerful. Not even temper tantrums. And for a two year old, that is amazing!
But here he is after the mad look. Doesn't he just look so forlorn?!

Everything worked out just fine. After all three had their turn in the bathtub, Miss M decided that she was hungry, so we had ICE CREAM! And went to bed......


Shamrockgirl said...

looks like they had fun!

Rachel said...

pure fun!

joyce said...

Thanks Susie for sharing your blog with me. I just so enjoyed celebrating your birthday..those margaritas were perfect. You gran-kiddies look adorable and your photo are def. professional. good luck on your water favorite art work. I still have the basket you gave me for a B Day years ago. Its in the livig room with flowers. so good to visit w you.