Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Mary, Mary.......

More flowers, seems like all I'm getting pictures of. We had planned on joining the zoo today, and taking the kids, but there's something about getting up to fog and 40 degrees that just takes the fun out of it! So everyone else slept in.

I did get up before sunrise the other day, and went out to take pictures of the sunrise. The sunflowers in the garden didn't come out so well, but the singles out by the fence did. Course I had to lay on the ground to get the right take on them, but I'm thinking these would make a great painting!

Clyde is really getting into the watercolor, and now he's absconding with my camera to take pictures of what he wants to paint. So, the above is a sunflower with a bee!
We are certainly going to get different pictures now.

And here's one of our sunflowers. They are really starting to bloom, so we're going to have lots of them. We did buy some bricks so I could work on the deck, and we found some really pretty black eyed susans that we now have planted under the sunflowers.

Happy gardening!

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Rachel said...

What?? No pictures of this deck you keep talking about? ;-)

The pictures are fantastic! I hope we see some masterpieces from them.

Any of you class projects gonna show up on here? I am desperately wanting to see some.

Hugs to all!!!

just thought of something, how about some horse silhouettes, like the flowers.