Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013 Reflections

Today's word: reflection

I suppose I could reflect on something for today, but we got rain and hail this morning.  And I like the reflection of the deck railing in the water and hail on the deck.

This put a damper on the plans for today.  Instead of finishing the second stall, and making a couple of trips over to the 80 (really 40) to fill the dumpster, I only made one trip.  And Gabe's riding lesson was iffy, since we were working in between rain showers.  But we got it done.

I posted a picture of Gabe on Squirt, one of our horses, on facebook.  I got over there, thinking I would use my point and shoot camers, but lo, the batteries were dead.  That left the photographer with only the iPhone.  Talk about unprepared.  I'll do better tomorrow.  Maybe I can get his huge smile when the horse starts loping.

He's more than ready to go back.  Horses, and more horses to ride.  And maybe working cows by the end of the summer.

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