Friday, February 1, 2013

February 1, 2013 You, today

Topic for today is "you_today". I took this to mean me, today.

 Of all the things I am: wife, housekeeper, dog and cat and horse caregiver, artist, mother, mother-in-law, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, grandmother, bookkeeper, bill payer, shopper; I would have to choose Grandmother as my favorite role.

 I love to have the kids come and stay with me. They have been coming since Gabriel was a baby. I have always enjoyed having them. even before they were potty trained.

They've been introduced to kittens, puppies, and baby horses only hours old.

 I've provided them with all kinds of art supplies, they've played on the computers here, we've made cookies (not always successfully- Valentine heart sugar cookies come to mind that puffed up and spread out over the edges of the cookie sheets).   We even made a gingerbread house and train (from a kit, and it did come out lopsided, but it was fun!)

We have ice cream before bedtime, and they always expect that...We can't go to bed without ice cream.
I even don't mind having chicken pot pie every time they come because they eat it so well.  And our milk is always flavored: raspberry, strawberry and vanilla.

We've spent days at the zoo, tramping all over to see the animals, and they all have their favorites.

We took the three oldest ones to the botanical gardens in Denver and tried to "herd" them thru all the gardens-kind of like herding cats.

We feed the ducks at the pond in Monument, we've hiked in Bear Creek. We've gone to hockey games, and had lunch together.  We've gone on picnics, and we play at the parks a lot.

And now I have my own supply chain of boy scout popcorn and girl scout cookies, all over again!

Sometimes I wish I could have them all the time, but usually after a couple of days, this "young" grandmother is ready for them to go home for a while!

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