Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February 12, 2013 Good Times

Today's word: Good Times

 This is becoming harder.  I missed yesterday's word: Tasty, but then, since I don't cook much, what would I have posted?  Oh, I suppose I could have taken pictures of the two 450ml containers of barium sulfate that I had to drink this morning for the cat scan, but let me tell you, I wouldn't use tasty to describe that!

This is from last September.  More good times with the grandkids.  We visited Wishing Star Farm's fall festival.  Lots of fun for the kids, and lots of photo ops for Grandma.  I caught this one when they were down by the pond, and the sun was low in the western sky.  I like the almost silhouettes of the kids, and all the sparkles on the water.

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