Wednesday, February 6, 2013

February 5, 2013 Arrangement

Today's word: Arrangement

Or, as I do all the time, rearrangement. Or repurpose.

But, I am always making do with what I already have.

So, I rearranged my downstairs studio (the repurposed family room).

And I had a big box of paper (drawing, tracing, watercolor, bristol board, newsprint) that was sort of unattractive.

And I had an entertainment center that was mostly gathering dust, and full of junk from when Clyde had his office down there.

Well, the tall part, where there used to be shelves for all the electronics, was big enough to hold the largest of the sketchbooks, so it became a place for paper storage

The section on the left, has a place for a TV, and there is one in there. Below that, Clyde can put the dvd player and the kids can watch their dvd's down here.

And the cats still have their safe place behind the TV and on top of the center. And I can use all the other spaces for art supplies, or whatever....

All of that is better than taking the center to Goodwill, and then having to find something else to use!

But, I do still have a minor problem.

Even with the rearranging, I don't have a place to store paintings. So, I use the bed in the spare bedroom and clean it off whenever we have company.

I guess, now I need some of those big flat drawers to store the bigger papers, and the paintings.

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