Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13, 2013 Wander and Trinket

Today's word: wander Yesterday's word: trinket

 But first, the flowers that Ed and Rachel sent me bloomed!
And they still look great!

Trinket.  This is my latest trinket.  It's a medical alert necklace.  I have this because I take coumidin.  I have a bracelet too.  Just in case......

And yesterday, I decided to wander through Home Depot's garden section.  These are just some of the flowers we bought.  They will all go into pots, and decorate the patio for the summer.  I like that I can grow flowers here.  That was a nearly impossible task when I lived in Phoenix, it was so hot.  Here I can even get house plants to grow....usually.

Now all Clyde has to do is get these potted.  Yes, he's my secret to successful gardening!

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