Monday, May 27, 2013

May 27, 2013 Ordinary beauty

Today's topic: ordinary beauty

A couple of years ago, Clyde went on the back deck and looked down.  He saw many, many butterflies eating from the dandelion flowers.  Now Clyde likes dandelions.

As the keeper of the grass (what we have of it), I'm not partial to dandelions.  They crowd out the grass, so I am constantly digging them up.  Unfortunately, it appears to be a losing battle.

These are some of our more robust dandelion plants.  And yes, they are pretty yellow flowers.

However, the seeds, while pretty amazing, spread over everything, and just make more plants.  I don't let the kids pick these because they like to blow them, and I'm not into seeding the entire yard with dandelions!

So, they can be beautiful.  They are ordinary, after all everyone has some.  And they do attract butterflies sometimes.

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