Thursday, May 2, 2013

May 2, 2013 Nature

Today's word is nature.

 But I have other pictures to share that I found on the camera.

This first one is my clean patio (clean before the snow that is.). I'm ready to sit out there with a book and a glass of iced tea:

This next one, well, I was too late.  The sun was coming up, and lit the stained glass with a reddish/pinkish glow.  By the time I got to the camera, the sun was too high, and all I got was the white light under the cloudy skies.  Guess I have to move faster, cause the sun does!

This is a nature photo for today.  It's my woodpile, with snow.  The one I piled up next to the driveway so Clyde wouldn't have to wade through snow to get wood for the stove.  And he didn't even light the stove once all winter!  Maybe next year.

This one is of all the pine cones that I threw on the slash pile last summer.  I didn't make it to the slash place, so the pile is getting bigger and I have to make it there this summer.  After I cut branches off the down trees.

This is Black and White, the cat, all purring and rubbing on the trailer in the sun.  And yes, the cat's name is Black and White.

And lastly, here's poor Rosie, looking in the window, pleading to come in.  Doesn't it just look like she's thinking "please don't make me stay out here by myself".

Clyde has a sinus infection and he's going to the doctor tomorrow.  It's about time, he's been hacking for two weeks now.  Just try sleeping while he's hacking.  It's impossible.

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