Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013 good

Todays word: Good
Yesterday's word: Favorite

 I am not sure if having artistic granddaughters is a particularly good thing. They tend to draw what they see. My profile picture on Facebook was drawn by Molly a year or so ago.

Now I find this one drawn by Cordelia when they were here in March.

Notice that she has made me with blonde hair, and put me in a crop top and shorts (both yellow, which incidently is my favorite color) and in knee high black high heeled boots.  I do not think I have ever even owned a pair!  But she did write "Make me smile" on the shirt.

I like that she then drew herself in blue next to me.

I suppose I can really be grateful that she didn't write about me, after seeing some of her writing about her family!  If a picture is worth a dozen words, I guess she did!

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