Friday, January 11, 2013

January 11, 2013 Signature

The word for today is signature. So, do I just sign my name and scan it in? Or does it mean something else?

 From Wikipedia, another definition of the word: The term "signature" is also used to mean the characteristics that give an object, or a piece of information, its identity—for example, the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle.

So, I've been told that I have a signature characteristic of my paintings, and that is the bright, clear colors.

 This painting I did at the "Becoming Van Gogh" exhibit at the Denver Art Museum. It is done from the three primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) with white and black. I did this quickly, and in the most part, the colors are bright. There are some muddy colors, but remember, to get other than the 5 dabs of color I was given, I had to mix. The palate got all mixed together pretty fast.

This painting, I did in a workshop with acrylic paint and some collage. Again, the colors are pretty pure, but again, I was mixing colors. Also this is a heavier application of paint (I'm not used to acrylic) and isn't transparent like watercolor (probably because I'm not used to the medium again).

This last one is a watercolor that I did recently. I'm not really happy with it because the flowers are supposed to be in silhouette, and I can't get them dark enough without making mud out of the paint. The bright clear colors are in the sky even if they are watered down some (not straight out of the tube).

So, there you have it.  Bright colors.  Clyde says that is what defines my paintings.  What do you think?

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Bekka said...

you do like bright colors... maybe that is the issue with the last one. if they are supposed to be silhouettes then need to be much darker. they are not nearly dark enough as they are. try black... ;)