Sunday, January 13, 2013

January 13, 2013 Forgotten

The topic for today is forgotten.   All I've really forgotten today is what a temperature warmer than 10 feels like.  I'm wishing for summer.  It's a -2 outside right now.  The high was supposed to be 18, but by 3 pm we had gotten all the way up to 11, so I think we didn't make 18 today at all.  Tomorrow is supposed to be 19.  Not a whole lot better in my way of thinking.  I am SO over winter.  We're not even getting any snow, just this bitter cold.

Since I'm not getting a vision of what I could do for this topic, I give you Garfy.  Garfy is really an orange long hair cat, although he doesn't look it here.

 Sometimes, he looks like a lion with all the long hair around his face that looks like a mane.  I haven't forgotten what he was like as a kitten.  He would sleep in the bed, and crawl under the covers, all the way down to the feet to get warm.  I sure could use him down there tonight!!

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