Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Out of order January 21, 2013 Dream

Today is the 22nd of January. Yesterday's topic was Dream, which I didn't have a clue. Clyde read today's post, and commented that I should have said something about Dream Pastries. That falls under Dream. And the pastries are to die for! And the sandwiches, soups, and salads are really good too.

Today, I made arrangements to hang some art up there for display, and for sale if someone wants to buy it. I didn't hang mine, because, frankly, I don't really have anything ready. But I have artist friends that did... So I put together a show for them, and Clyde and I drove up this afternoon and hung the art.

The pictures are lousy, the place is small, and I had to hang the art high because that's where the wall space is. But you can see what I hung.

I arranged for photography by Alana Thrower, fiber art by Linda Pavian Roberts, handmade paper sculpture by Wilhelmina Steenbergen, and acrylic abastracts and impressionism by Julia McMInn Evans and Margarete Seagraves. I asked them what they had, on the small size because the place isn't large, and what I got went together really well.

So Dream Pastries, on Perry Street, north of the fire station, in Castle Rock, has new art on their walls until the end of February.

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