Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January 15, 2013 Confusing

Today I took a jpg file to Mike's Camera to have it enlarged and printed for an art show. It would only take about an hour for them to accomplish this.

 Since I was in the area, I went to the ARC Thrift Store where we buy flannel shirts for Clyde. I mean, really, the most expensive one was 6.99, whereas the ones I got him at Walmart last year were on clearance for $5, but originally they were $25. So, good deal, right?

These shirts are like new, and heavy and warm.  I wasn't paying attention, but the two on the left have pink tags, and the one on the right has a yellow tag.  (Like I would have known the difference anyway.)

At the cash register, the clerk rings it up and tells me that it's a total of $20 and change.  Then she looks at me and asks  "Are you a senior?"

Now, I am a senior at some places and at some places, I'm not.  But nobody asks me if I'm a senior.  So, I was confused.  "Does it make a difference?" I asked her. 

"Yes," she replied.
"Ok," I said.  "I'm 64, does that count?"
"Yes", she replied, and guess what?  I got 50% off on the shirt with the yellow ticket!

I asked her if I would get 50% off anytime I bought something with a yellow tag, but apparently that's not how it works.  Somedays it's yellow tags, other days it's a different color.  So, I guess it's random, if you're a senior and you go shopping there.  You just have to guess which color tag is 50% for that day.

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