Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 22, 2013 This makes me smile

Sorry, I missed yesterday's topic, Dream. I'll have to find something and post it later.

Today's topic is "this_makes_me_smile",  and she does. Here she is at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come up. She follows me around, and tries to go everywhere I go. Of course, she tries to go everywhere Clyde goes, too. Which can be difficult because we don't go the same way. That's because we're married!

I suppose I could label this Dream also, because I can only dream of the day when she is quiet and well behaved. Usually she's a bundle of energy that wants to play. And she's good at Fetch. Guess that's because she's a Labrador RETRIEVER!

 But I think the kick she gets is chasing the ball, stick, toy, pinecone, whatever...

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