Monday, January 7, 2013

January 7, 2013 Simplicity

Today's topic is "simplicity".  So what can be more simple than a horse's life.  They live to eat, drink, sleep, and play.  They are such beautiful animals.  This is Little Chic (TR Bearcat is his registered name).  Today, since it was cool (we've finally made it up to 45 today) he was all rearing, and bucking, looking for more hay to eat.

Little Chic is one of Kat's babies.  Kat was my beautiful black quarter horse.  She was good to ride, she made good babies, and she was a cutter.  She's been gone for almost two years now.  We had to let her go because she had a crippled front leg, and it was getting too dangerous for her to try walking on it.  It was going to be broken if she landed wrong, because of the way it was deformed at the knee.  I loved that horse so much, and she never had a black baby for me.   She did, however have Little Chic and Peppy).

Little Chic has a leg problem too.  He hasn't been ridden for several years because of it.   So he's been resting.  I think it's time to get him out and put him back to work, but I want something not too stressful for him.  Clyde and Robert want to do working cowhorse with him and I think that's too stressful.  So we'll see.

Little Chic has a younger sister that looks exactly like him, but shorter.  Robert is riding her and she's doing ok, I think.  Her name is Peppy  (TR Peppy Please is her registered name).

They are nice horses, just like their mama was.

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