Saturday, January 12, 2013

January 12, 2013 Mini

Today's topic is "mini". But something I learned to today is big!

Our art club meeting was today, and afterwards, Irmi gave a demo on painting in guache.  I've used this before, but in a design class, not a painting class, so I really didn't get the full effect of the medium.

The painting above I did today on mat board and used guache paint.  This paint is a watercolor paint, but it is opaque, like acrylic.  But the big difference is that when acrylic dries, it's dried, you can't rewet it.  When guache dries, you can take a wet brush and soften the paint so that is can still be moved around and changed.  And it doesn't dry as fast as acrylic.

I can put the paint on in washes, like watercolor, or I can apply it so that it's thick and has texture, like acrylic and oil.  And I can paint on colored backgrounds, and still have whites.  In watercolor, the whites are the white of the paper, so that area has to be carefully painted around to not destroy the white.  Wow!

So, hooray for mini workshops and demos, especially when I learn something big!

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