Saturday, January 5, 2013

January 5, 2013 Deceptive sunshine

Bright and busy today. Started with a walk in the park with the dogs. They truly love going on these walks. Me, they're ok, but Rosie sure has some learning to do. I thought I'd take my camera and get some pictures of the frozen lake, and the trees and snow.

 Rosie was all exuberance on the end of the leash. You'd never know that she had surgery two days ago. On the walk, I was constantly calling her so she didn't run to the end of the expanding leash and hurt herself, or worse, pull me over and hurt me. (Note to self: we need to start learning to heel.)

 Found a place where I wanted to take a picture, all trees, snow and shadows. So I called Rosie, told her to sit, and held the camera up. The leash was in the right hand, the "take a picture button" was on the right side of the camera. And luckily, I had the strap around my neck.

Just as I was about to take the picture, Miss Exuberance bolted to the end of the leash, jerking my hand holding the other end of the leash, and the camera. I got a good "thunk" on my cheek. I also learned a lesson: when walking Rosie, with the camera, hold the leash in my left hand, and the camera in my right hand.

 This is a picture of Fox Run Park in the snow. Another one that I did manage to take

The sun in this picture is pretty deceptive. You would think it was warm, but it isn't. We're at 30 degrees, one of our warmer days this year so far. The horses are like solar panels, they just soak up the sun and stay all cozy warm.

So, now I'm inside, the sun is going down in the west, and I think I'll stay inside and have a mug of hot tea.

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